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Characters: Troy and Sharpay

xSharpayEvansx [1:26 PM]: We need to talk about what happened.
About how you kissed me and how everythings gone to hell?

xSharpayEvansx [1:28 PM]: you kissed back. don't deny that you did.
I was shocked!
If I did, it wasn't intentional
xSharpayEvansx [1:28 PM]: you still did
Not on purpose!
xSharpayEvansx [1:29 PM]: what do you want me to do? move away? because that's probably what is going to happen.
Look, you don't have to move away. Just...don't talk to me for a while.
xSharpayEvansx [1:32 PM]: is that what you really want? fine. thats what you'll get. i'll bottle up my feelings and move up to meeting my therapist 4 times a week instead of 3.
No! God, Sharpay. I'm just confused, and this whole thing is fucked up.
xSharpayEvansx [1:33 PM]: go back to Jamie. choose her over me again. isn't that what you always do
Jamie won't take me back now.
xSharpayEvansx [1:35 PM]: i would have after you kissed her that time, but i guess im not good enough for the big basketball star
Look, I'm not too good for anyone!
xSharpayEvansx [1:37 PM]: thats what it seemed like to me
Well it wasn't
xSharpayEvansx [1:38 PM]: and please, stop telling peole that you didn't kiss me back
I was shocked!
xSharpayEvansx [1:39 PM]: whatever. i'll get our of your life now. thats what you want, afterall
Don't do this Sharpay. I need time to sort things out
xSharpayEvansx [1:40 PM]: i have to go now

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