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Welcome to East High

High School Musical Role Play
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A High School Musical RPG


There will be no more auditions at this time. Thank you to all of those who participated.

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Senior year is here and the characters are anticipating the regular senior year stresses. College apps, graduation, etc. Also, Ryan, Sharpay, and Troy are preparing for the fall musical Grease as Kenicky, Sandy, and Danny respectively.

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Okay, seeing as we are losing all of our original characters, I have decided to put back the option to apply for original characters, and that includes females. So go for it!


Coach Jack Bolton: ehscoach played by Nora unwrittenformat
Mrs. Darbus: drama_darbus played by Morgan x_morgan3_x
Principal Matsui: principalmatsui played by Steffie: spellbounded

Main cast:
Zeke Baylor: basketballcook played by Buzzer pickles1887
Troy Bolton: drama_jock played by Missy my_badgers_27
Jason Cross: playa23jason played by Lee sweetnenaangel
Chad Danforth: wildcat_bball played by Morgan x_morgan3_x (Mod)
Ryan Evans: drame_king played by Steffie spellbounded (Mod)
Sharpay Evans: dramaclub_queen played by Brittany kaybob_91
Taylor McKessie: ispekcheerleder played by Noraunwrittenformat
Gabriella Montez: iheartpi played by Kathy shownemotion (Mod)
Kelsi Nielson: piano_playmaker played by Lindsey tf_4_life_476

Original Characters:
Isabelle "Izzy" Baker: dancin_girl17 played by Donelle reedygirl44
Nikole "Niki" Whitehouse: seattle_runner played by Morgan x_morgan3_x

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1. You MAY create an original character if you want, though they must have a mini-biography in the application. (see below)*
2. This is not first-come first-serve.
3. 15 is the minimum age you must be to join (unless you show exceptional maturity and writing skills).
4. No chat speak while in character please.
5. When you apply the mods will discuss your application and then vote on your acceptance.

The Application
Apply here.

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1.You must create a livejournal for your character. Do not use their name as the journal's title. Make it more creative and something that the character would use.
2. The icons on your character's journal must be of them.
3. You must post for your character atleast 3 times a week. If you have two characters then it can be a combined 3 posts per week, like 3 posts for both characters. *you may post more, but this is a minimum. If you cannot do this, please post why in this comm, not the character's journal (such as exams or a big test).
4. Keep things as realistic and in character as you can. Try not to make your characters angsty sues. We are in a small fictional town in New Mexico where not everything is perfect or completely horrible, okay? Thanks.
5. An entry in the character's journal is from their point of view (first person), not yours. It's about how they feel about things. Other characters SHOULD try to comment and carry on threads, also in first person, kind of like talking on AIM.
6. No one line entries, but it doesn't haven't to be godzilla big.
7. NO GODMODDING- You do not decide what a character is going to do unless you are that character. You do not control the other role-players characters, and this does not include NPCs. If you have a plot idea, contact the character's RPer OOC.
8. Please try to keep OOC drama to a minimum.
9. If you do not post without letting us know where you are in 2 weeks we will give you a warning, after a week goes by without posting you have to leave the roleplay. This new rule is not to be a bitch but some drama has started with people slacking and I feel this rule is necessary.

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1. AIM role-playing is allowed, as long as you keep a log and post it in the journal under an lj-cut so everyone else knows what's going on.
2. It is reccommended that you create a new AIM screenname for your character for role-playing, though it's not required.
3. Third Person is to be used over AIM.
4. OOC is allowed over AIM, but if you do any plotting, please post it for the members to read so we know what the characters are planning to do.
5. Post the role-play log in the community when done.
6. All posts to the community are going to be FRIENDS ONLY.
7. Please try to be on AIM at least once every two-three days. It helps for plotting and interaction.
**Note, a third person role play is not required anymore, but it is fun to interact with other RPers outside of the community. Many of us have become very good friends from doing that, that way your character won't feel alienated.**

****Most importantly, have fun. This is the purpose of a role-play, afterall.****

*Format for AIM role-play entry:
Characters: (list the characters who interacted)
Setting: (Troy's House? School? Basket Ball court? Lunch room?)
LJ-CUT, then post the role-play log. Please double space the log, it makes it easier to read. And by double space we mean something like this:
Taylor looked up at the midnight sky, leaning back and propping herself on her elbows, "I will never understand how your mind works" she said smiling.

"Not many people do," Chad said, leaning back on the grass. "Except Troy."

There's a line break between the two lines.

**Note: This is a continuation from the old community hsmdramaclub which unfortunatly had to be deleted due to personal reasons from the previous moderator. The game is still the same, just a new community.**

credit for the layout and banner goes to shownemotion
And the info page bar codes go to: unwrittenformat

Your moderators are:

Stef: spellbounded
Kathy: shownemotion
Morgan: x_morgan3_x

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Use these banners to promote our community!
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PS. If you want to affilite with us comment here. NOT the auditions page.